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This is a Doctor Who spin off adventure following the Doctor if Rose had died in Parting of the Ways. Only admins are allowed to contribute with permission of Caged1

New EndingEdit

Doctor: I think you need a

Rose:(Interupting) No. You cannot give up your life. Not for me not for anyone.

Rose falls limp and dies. The Doctor cries and gets up and leaves.

The TARDIS disappears

Series 1Edit


Sycorax Rock by Caged1. Based on RTD's Christmas Invasion

Red Eyed Beast by Caged1. Based loosely on RTD's Tooth and Claw. Also based anon's Red Eyed Beast

Gateway to Hell by Caged1

Ep 4 - The Lone Dalek + Ep -5 The Forgotten Artifact by Caged1. Based Extremely Loosely on RS's Dalek

The Doctor and CompanionsEdit

The Ninth Doctor (All)

Mickey Smith (1.1-1.2,1.11)

Marcus (1.3-1.13)

Jack (1.4-1.6)

Astrid (1.6-1.13)





The Daleks