A Complete Timeline of the Doctors life

Classic WhoEdit

The First DoctorEdit

Season 1Edit

  • DWTV: An Unearthly Child (Introduces Ian and Barbara)
    • EDA: The Eight Doctors
  • DWTV: The Daleks
  • DWTV: The Edge of Destruction
  • DWTV: Marco Polo
  • DWTV: The Keys of Marinus
  • DWTV: The Aztecs
  • PDA: City at World's End
  • DWTV: The Sensorites
  • DWTV: The Reign of Terror
  • PDA: The Witch Hunters (Reference to Reign of Terror, but recently after the Sensorites)

Season 2Edit

  • DWTV: Planet of Giants
  • PDA: The Time Travellers (Just after Planet, the Doctor is trying to find somewhere safe for Susan)
  • DWTV: The Dalek's Invasion of Earth (Exit Susan)
  • DWTV: The Rescue (Introduces Vicki)
  • PDA: Byzantium! (Just prior to the Romans)
  • DWTV: The Romans
  • PDA: The Eleventh Tiger (Post-Romans)
  • DWTV: The Web Planet
  • DWTV: The Crusade
  • DWTV: The Space Museum
  • DWTV: The Chase (Exit Ian and Barbara; Introduces Steven)
  • DWTV: The Time Meddler

Season 3Edit

  • DWTV: Galaxy 4
  • DWTV: The Myth Makers (Exit Vicki; Introduces Katarina)
  • DWTV: The Daleks' Masterplan (Exit Katarina; Appearance Sara)
  • DWTV: The Massacre of St Bartholmew's Eve (Introduces Dodo)
  • DWTV: The Ark
  • PDA: Bunker Soldiers (Recently after Massacre)
  • DWTV: The Celestial Toymaker
  • DWTV: The Gunfighters
  • PDA: Salvation (Nearing the end of his life)
  • DWTV: The Savages (Exit Steven)
  • DWTV: The War Machines (Exit Dodo; Introduces Ben and Polly)

Season 4Edit

  • DWTV: The Smugglers
  • PDA: Ten Little Aliens (Just before Tenth Planet)
  • DWTV: The Tenth Planet

The Second DoctorEdit

Season 4Edit

  • DWTV: The Power of the Daleks
  • PDA: The Murder Game (Pre-The Highlanders)
  • PDA: Dying in the Sun (Pre-The Highlanders)
  • DWTV: The Highlanders (Introduces Jamie)
  • DWTV: The Underwater Menace
  • DWTV: The Moonbase
  • PDA: The Roundheads (mentions the Cybermen)
  • DWTV: The Macra Terror
  • DWTV: The Faceless Ones (Exit Ben and Polly)
  • DWTV: The Evil of the Daleks (Introduces Victoria)

Season 5Edit

  • DWTV: The Tomb of the Cybermen
  • PDA: Dreams of Empire (Reference to Tomb)
  • PDA: Heart of TARDIS (reference to Tomb)
  • DWTV: The Abominable Snowmen
  • DWTV: The Ice Warriors
  • PDA: Combat Rock (Glad for a change to tropical beach; before Enemy)
  • DWTV: The Enemy of the World
  • DWTV: The Web of Fear (Introduce Alistair)
  • DWTV: The Fury from the Deep (Exit Victoria)
  • DWTV: The Wheel in Space (Introduces Zoe)

Season 6Edit

  • DWTV: The Dominators
  • PDA: The Colony of Lies (Post-Wheel, Pre-Invasion)
  • PDA: The Indestructible Man (Post-Wheel)
  • DWTV: The Mind Robber
  • DWTV: The Invasion (Appearance Alistair; Introduce Benton)
  • DWTV: The Krotons
  • PDA: The Final Sanction
  • DWTV: The Seeds of Death
  • PDA: The Wheel of Ice (reference to Seeds)
  • DWTV: The Space Pirates
  • DWTV: The War Games (Exit Jamie and Zoe)
    • EDA: The Eight Doctors
  • PDA: World Game (Follows on)
  • DWTV: The Two Doctors (Follows on)

The Third DoctorEdit

Season 7Edit

  • DWTV: Spearhead from Space (Introduce Liz and UNIT)
  • DWTV: The Silurians
  • DWTV: The Ambassadors of Death
  • DWTV: Inferno
  • PDA: The Devil Goblins from Neptune (Features Liz and Mike)

Season 8Edit

  • DWTV: Terror of the Autons (Introduce Jo and Mike)
  • DWTV: The Mind of Evil
  • PDA: Deadly Reunion (recently after Terror)
  • DWTV: The Claws of Axos
  • DWTV: Colony in Space
  • DWTV: The Daemons

Season 9Edit

  • DWTV: Day of the Daleks
  • PDA: Verdigris (Reference to Daleks; Mentions Curse is in the future)
  • DWTV: The Curse of Peladon
  • PDA: Harvest of Time (Reference to the Daleks, pre-Sea Devils)
  • DWTV: The Sea Devils
    • EDA: The Eight Doctors
  • PDA: Rags (reference to Curse of Peladon)
  • DWTV: The Mutants
  • DWTV: The Time Monster

Season 10Edit

  • DWTV: The Three Doctors
  • PDA: Last of the Gaderene (recently after his exile was lifted)
  • DWTV: The Carnival of Monsters
  • PDA: The Wages of Sin (Post-Three Doctors, recent)
  • PDA: The Suns of Caresh (Post-Carnival of Monsters)
  • DWTV: Frontier in Space
  • DWTV: Planet of the Daleks
  • PDA: Catastrophea (Already encountered Draconians)
  • DWTV: The Green Death (Exit Jo)

Season 11Edit

  • DWTV: The Time Warrior (Introduces Sarah)
  • PDA: Amorality Tale
  • DWTV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs
  • PDA: Island of Death
  • DWTV: Death to the Daleks
    • ALTERNATE: EDA: Interference (The Doctor regenerates early)
  • DWTV: The Monster of Peladon
  • DWTV: Planet of the Spiders

The Fourth DoctorEdit

Season 12Edit

  • DWTV: Robot (Introduces Harry)
  • DWTV: The Ark in Space
  • DWTV: The Sontaran Experiment
  • DWTV: Genesis of the Daleks
  • DWTV: Revenge of the Cybermen
  • PDA: Wolfsbane

Season 13Edit

  • DWTV: Terror of the Zygons (Exit Harry; Appearance Alistair)
  • DWTV: Planet of Evil
  • DWTV: Pyramids of Mars
  • DWTV: The Android Invasion (Appearance Harry)
  • DWTV: The Brain of Morbius
  • DWTV: The Seeds of Doom

Season 14Edit

  • DWTV: The Masque of Mandragora
  • DWTV: The Hand of Fear (Exit Sarah)
  • DWTV: The Deadly Assassin
  • PDA: Millennium Shock (Travelling Alone; features Harry)
  • PDA: Asylum (Travelling alone; features)
  • PDA: The Drosten's Curse (Travelling alone)
  • DWTV: The Face of Evil (Introduces Leela)
  • DWTV: The Robots of Death
  • PDA: Drift (Recalls events of Robots as if recent)
  • PDA: Last Man Running (Before Corpse Maker)
  • PDA: Corpse Marker (Before the Talons of Weng-Chiang)
  • PDA: Psi-ence Fiction (follows on)
  • PDA: Match of the Day (follows on)
  • DWTV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang
  • PDA: Eye of Heaven (Recently after Talons)

Season 15Edit

  • DWTV: Horror of Fang Rock
  • DWTV: The Invisible Enemy (Introduces K-9)
  • DWTV: Image of the Fendahl
  • DWTV: The Sun Makers
  • DWTV: Underworld
  • DWTV: The Invasion of Time (Exit Leela)

Season 16Edit

  • DWTV: The Ribos Operation (Introduces Romana I)
  • PDA: Tomb of Valdemar (Early on in travels)
  • PDA: Heart of TARDIS (during quest for the Key to Time)
  • DWTV: The Pirate Planet
  • DWTV: The Stones of Blood
  • DWTV: The Androids of Tara
  • DWTV: The Power of Kroll
  • DWTV: The Armageddon Factor

Season 17Edit

  • DWTV: Destiny of the Daleks (Introduces Romana II)
  • DWTV: City of Death
  • PDA: Festival of Death (reference to City as recent)
  • DWTV: The Creature from the Pit
  • DWTV: Nightmare of Eden
  • DWTV: The Horns of Nimon

Season 18Edit

  • DWTV: The Leisure Hive
  • DWTV: Meglos
  • DWTV: Full Circle (Introduces Adric)
  • DWTV: State of Decay
    • EDA: The Eight Doctors
  • DWTV; Warriors' Gate (Exit Romana II, K-9)
  • DWTV: The Keeper of Traken (Introduces Nyssa)
  • DWTV: Logopolis (Introduces Tegan; Nyssa joins)

The Fifth DoctorEdit

Season 19Edit

  • DWTV: Castrovalva
  • DWTV: Four to Doomsday
  • DWTV: Kinda
  • DWTV: The Visitation
  • PDA: Divided Loyalties (Reference to the Visitation)
  • DWTV: Black Orchid
  • DWTV: Earthshock (Exit Adric)
  • DWTV: Time-Flight (Exit Tegan)
  • PDA: Empire of Death

Season 20Edit

  • DWTV: Arc of Infinity (Tegan rejoins)
  • PDA: Zeta Major
  • PDA: Fear of the Dark (Post-Arc, before Snakedance)
  • DWTV: Snakedance
  • VMA: Goth Opera (Snakedance referred)
  • DWTV: Mawdryn Undead (Introduces Turlough)
  • DWTV: Terminus (Exit Nyssa)
  • DWTV: Enlightenment
  • DWTV: The King's Demons (Kamelion joins)
  • DWTV: The Five Doctors (Featuring Susan, Alistair, Sarah-Jane)
  • EDA: The Eight Doctors

Season 21Edit

  • DWTV: Warriors of the Deep
  • PDA: Deep Blue (Just after Warriors)
  • DWTV: The Awakening
  • PDA: The King of Terror (reference to the Malus)
  • DWTV: Frontios
  • DWTV: Resurrection of the Daleks (Exit Tegan)
  • PDA: Imperial Moon
  • DWTV: Planet of Fire (Exit Turlough and Kamelion; Introduces Peri)
  • PDA: The Ultimate Treasure (Post-Planet of Fire)
  • PDA: Superior Beings (post-Planet of Fire)
  • PDA: Warmonger (post-Planet of Fire)
  • DWTV: The Caves of Androzani

The Sixth DoctorEdit

Season 21Edit

  • DWTV: The Twin Dilemma

Season 22Edit

  • DWTV: Attack of the Cybermen
  • DWTV: Vengeance on Varos
  • PDA: Players (Reference to Varos)
  • PDA: Grave Matter
  • PDA: SynthespiansTM (Reference to Varos and Grave Matter)
  • DWTV: The Mark of the Rani
  • DWTV: The Two Doctors
  • PDA: Blue Box (Post-Two Doctors)
  • DWTV: Timelash
  • DWTV: Revelation of the Daleks

Season 23Edit

  • DWTV: The Mysterious Planet
  • PDA: Palace of the Red Sun (Before CHAOS, before Frobisher adventures)
  • DWTV: Mindwarp (Exit Peri)
  • DWTV: Trial of a Time Lord (Introduces Mel)
  • EDA: The Eight Doctors
  • DWTV: Ultimate Foe
  • PDA: Mission: Impractical (Features Frobisher; Post-Trial)
  • PDA: The Shadow in the Glass (features Alistair)
  • PDA: Business Unusual (Mel joins, features Alistair)
  • PDA: The Quantum Archangel
  • PDA: Instruments of Darkness (features Evelyn)
  • DWTV: Terror of the Vervoids

    • ALTERNATE: PDA: Spiral Scratch

The Seventh DoctorEdit

Season 24Edit

  • DWTV: Time and the Rani
  • DWTV: Paradise Towers
  • DWTV: Delta and the Bannermen
  • DWTV: Dragonfire (Exit Mel; Introduces Ace)

Season 25Edit

  • DWTV: Remembrance of the Daleks
  • PDA: Independence Day
  • DWTV: The Happiness Patrol
  • DWTV: The Silver Nemesis
  • DWTV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Season 26Edit

  • DWTV: Battlefield
  • PDA: Relative Dementias (Early on in travels)
  • DWTV: Ghost Light
  • PDA: The Colony of Lies (reference to Ghost Light)
  • DWTV: The Curse of Fenric
  • DWTV: Survival
  • PDA: Illegal Alien (From Unmade Season 27)
  • PDA: The Hollow Men (From unmade Season 27)
  • PDA: Matrix (Follows On)
  • PDA: Storm Harvest (Follows On)
  • PDA: Prime Time (sees Master recovering from Survival)
  • PDA: Heritage (Follows on)
  • PDA: Loving the Alien (Follows On)
  • PDA: Atom Bomb Blues (Follows On)

VNA and BeyondEdit

  • VNA: Timewyrm: Genesys
  • VNA: Timewyrm: Exodus
  • VNA: Timewyrm: Apocalypse
  • VNA: Timewyrm: Revelation
  • PDA: The Algebra of Ice (Just after Timewyrm: Revelation)
  • VNA: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible
  • VNA: Cat's Cradle: Warhead
  • VNA: Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark
  • VNA: Nightshade
  • VNA: Love & War (Benny joins; Ace leaves)
  • VNA: Transit
  • VNA: The Highest Science
  • VNA: The Pit
  • VNA: Deceit (Ace re-joins)
  • VNA: Lucifer Rising
  • VNA: White Darkness
  • VNA: Shadowmind
  • VNA: Birthright
  • VNA: Iceberg (Ace and Benny not present)
  • VNA: Blood Heat
  • VNA: Dimension Riders
  • VNA: The Left-Handed Hummingbird
  • VNA: Conundrum
  • VNA: No Future
  • VNA: Tragedy Day
  • VNA: Legacy
  • VNA: Theatre of War
  • VNA: All-Consuming Fire
  • VNA: Blood Harvest
  • VNA: Strange England
  • VNA: First Frontier
  • VNA: St Anthony's Fire
  • VNA: Falls the Shadow
  • VNA: Parasite
  • VNA: Warlock
  • VNA: Set Piece (Ace leaves)
  • VNA: Infinite Requiem
  • VNA: Sanctuary
  • VNA: Human Nature
  • VNA: Original Sin (Chris and Roz join)
  • VNA: Sky Pirates!
  • VNA: Zamper
  • VNA: Toy Soldiers
  • VNA: Head Games
  • VNA: The Also People
  • VNA: Shakedown
  • VNA: Just War
  • VNA: Warchild
  • VNA: Sleepy
  • VNA: Death and Diplomacy
  • VNA: Happy Endings (Benny leaves)
  • VNA: GodEngine
  • VNA: Christmas on a Rational Planet
  • VNA: Return of the Living Dad (Benny appears)
  • VNA: The Death of Arts
  • VNA: Damaged Goods
  • VNA: So Vile a Sin (Roz dies)
  • VNA: Bad Therapy
  • VNA: Eternity Weeps
  • VNA: The Room with No Doors
  • VNA: Lungbarrow (Chris leaves; features Romana II, Leela, Ace, K-9 Mk I and Mk II)
  • PDA: Bullet Time (Travelling Alone; features SJA)
  • EDA: The Eight Doctors (Travelling alone)

The Wilderness YearsEdit

The Eighth DoctorEdit

  • DWTV: Doctor Who (Appearance of Grace, Chang)
  • EDA: The Eight Doctors (Follows On; Sam joins)
  • VNA: Dying Days (Sam not present; Benny + the Brig appear)
  • EDA: Vampire Science
  • EDA: The Bodysnatchers
  • EDA; Genocide (Features Jo, Benton)
  • EDA: War of the Daleks
  • EDA: Alien Bodies
  • EDA: Kursaal
  • EDA: Option Lock
  • EDA: Longest Day (Sam leaves)
  • EDA: Legacy of the Daleks (Features Susan)
  • EDA: Dreamstone Moon
  • EDA: Seeing I (Sam rejoins)
  • EDA: Placebo Effect
  • EDA: Vanderdeken's Children
  • EDA: The Scarlet Empress
  • EDA: The Janus Conjunction
  • EDA: Beltempest
  • EDA: The Face-Eater
  • EDA: The Taint (Fitz joins)
  • EDA: Demontage
  • EDA: Revolution Man
  • EDA: Dominion
  • EDA: Unnatural History
  • EDA: Autumn Mist
  • EDA: Interference: Book One (Shock Tactic) (Compassion joins)
  • EDA: Interference: Book Two (The Hour of the Geek) (Sam leaves)
  • EDA: The Blue Angel
  • EDA: The Taking of Planet 5
  • EDA: Frontier Worlds
  • EDA: Parallel 59
  • EDA: The Shadows of Avalon
  • EDA: The Fall of Yquatine
  • EDA: Coldheart
  • EDA: Space Age
  • EDA: The Banquo Legacy
  • EDA: The Ancestor Cell (Compassion and Fitz leave)

{The Ancestor Cell could be used as an explanation for the problems with the Timeline, specifically the Seventh Doctors/The Masters}

  • EDA: The Burning
  • EDA: Casualties of War
  • PDA: Wolfsbane (During the Doctors 2nd exile)
  • EDA: The Turing Test
  • EDA: Endgame
  • EDA: Father Time (Features Miranda)
  • EDA: Escape Velocity (Anji joins, Fitz rejoins)
  • EDA: EarthWorld
  • PDA: Fear Itself (Early on)
  • EDA: Vanishing Point
  • EDA: Eater of Wasps
  • EDA: The Year of Intelligent Tigers
  • EDA: The Slow Empire
  • EDA: Dark Progeny
  • EDA: The City of the Dead
  • EDA: Grimm Reality
  • EDA: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street
  • EDA: Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  • EDA: Hope
  • EDA: Anachrophobia
  • EDA: Trading Futures
  • EDA: The Book of the Still
  • EDA: The Crooked World
  • EDA: History 101
  • EDA: Camera Obscura
  • EDA: Time Zero (Introduces Trix)
  • EDA: The Infinity Race
  • EDA: The Domino Effect
  • EDA: Reckless Engineering
  • EDA: The Last Resort (Trix joins, Anji leaves)
  • EDA: Timeless
  • EDA: Emotional Chemistry
  • EDA: Sometime Never... (Miranda Features)
  • EDA: Halflife
  • EDA: The Tomorrow Windows
  • EDA: The Sleep of Reason
  • EDA: The Deadstone Memorial
  • EDA: To the Slaughter
  • EDA: The Gallifrey Chronicles (Trix + Fitz leave)
  • OTV: Night of the Doctor

The War DoctorEdit

  • NSA: Engines of War
  • OTV: Day of the Doctor

New WhoEdit

The Ninth DoctorEdit

Series 1Edit

  • DWTV: Rose (Rose joins; Introduces Mickey and Jackie)
  • DWTV: The End of the World
  • DWTV: The Unquiet Dead
  • NSA: The Clockwise Man (Early in Adventures, but references to The Unquiet Dead)
  • DWTV: Aliens of London/World War Three
  • NSA: The Monsters Inside (Rose first alien planet, but know of Slitheen)
  • DWTV: Dalek (Introduces Adam)
  • DWTV: Long Game (Exit Adam)
  • DWTV: Father's Day
  • NSA: Winner Takes All (Encounters with Slitheen, no Jack)
  • DWTV: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (Introduces Jack)
  • NSA: The Deviant Strain (Features Jack)
  • NSA: Only Human (Features Jack)
  • DWTV: Boom Town
  • NSA: The Stealers of Dreams (Features Jack, with references to DWTV: Boom Town)
  • DWTV: Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways (Exit Jack)

The Tenth DoctorEdit

Series 2Edit

  • DWTV: The Christmas Invasion
  • NSA: The Stone Rose (Jackie references the Doctor's new face)
  • NSA: The Feast of the Drowned (The Doctor mentions getting used to new teeth)
  • DWTV: New Earth
  • NSA: The Resurrection Casket (Reference to New Earth)
  • NSA: The Nightmare of Black Island (The Doctor is using Everlasting Matches, like in Resurrection Casket)
  • DWTV: Tooth and Claw
  • DWTV: School Reunion (Appearance of Sarah and K-9; Mickey joins)
  • DWTV: The Girl in the Fireplace
  • DWTV: Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel (Exit Mickey)
  • DWTV: The Idiots Lantern
  • NSA: The Art of Destruction (Reference to the Krillitane - therefore post Age of Steel)
  • DWTV: The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
  • NSA: The Price of Paradise (Reference to the Ood)
  • DWTV: Love and Monsters
  • DWTV: Fear Her
  • DWTV: Army of the Ghosts/Doomsday (Exit Rose)

Series 3Edit

  • DWTV: The Runaway Bride (Introduces Donna)
  • DWTV: Smith and Jones (Martha joins)
  • DWTV: The Shakespeare Code
  • DWTV: Gridlock
  • DWTV: The Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks
  • DWTV: The Lazarus Experiment
  • NSA: Sting of the Zygons (Reference to Dalek encounter)
  • NSA: The Last Dodo (After Lazarus Experiment)
  • NSA: Wooden Heart (After Lazarus Experiment)
  • DWTV: 42
  • NSA: Forever Autumn (Reference to 42)
  • NSA: Sick Building (Reference to 42)
  • DWTV: Human Nature/The Family of Blood
  • NSA: Wetworld (After Family of Blood)
  • NSA: Wishing Well
  • NSA: The Pirate Loop (Recently after Wishing Well)
  • NSA: Peacemaker (Recently after the Pirate Loop)
  • NSA: Martha in the Mirror (Recently after Family of Blood)
  • NSA: Snowglobe 7
  • DWTV: Blink
  • NSA: The Many Hands
  • DWTV: Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords (Martha exits; Appearance of Jack)
    • NSA: The Story of Martha

Series 4Edit

  • DWTV: Voyage of the Damned
  • DWTV: Partners in Crime (Donna joins)
  • DWTV: Fires of Pompeii
  • DWTV: Planet of the Ood
  • NSA: Ghosts of India (Recently after Planet of the Ood)
  • NSA: The Doctor Trap (Reference to Ood and Pompeii)
  • NSA: Shining Darkness (Reference to Ood and Pompeii)
  • DWTV: The Sontaran Strategem/Poison Sky (Martha rejoins)
  • DWTV: The Doctors Daughter (Exit Martha)
  • DWTV: The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • NSA: Beautiful Chaos (Post-Poison Sky and therefore the Doctors Daughter)
  • DWTV: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (Introduces River)
  • DWTV: Midnight
  • DWTV: Turn Left/Stolen Earth/Journeys End (Appearance of Sarah, K-9, Jack, Rose, Martha, Mickey; Exit Donna)
  • NSA: The Eyeless (Post-Journeys End)
  • NSA: Judgement of the Judoon (Post-Journeys End)
  • NSA: The Slitheen Excursion (Post-Journeys End)
  • DWTV: The Next Doctor
  • NSA: Prisoner of the Daleks (Post-Journeys End)
  • NSA: The Taking of Chelsea 426 (Post-Journeys End)
  • NSA: The Krillitane Storm (Post-Journeys End)
  • DWTV: Planet of the Dead
  • DWTV: The Waters of Mars
  • DWTV: Day of the Doctor (Events referenced in the End of Time)
  • DWTV: The End of Time (Appearance of Donna)

The Eleventh DoctorEdit

Series 5Edit

  • DWTV: The Eleventh Hour (Amy joins; Introduces Rory)
  • DWTV: Beast Below
  • DWTV: Victory of the Daleks
  • NSA: Apollo 23 (After Victory of the Daleks)
  • NSA: Night of the Humans (After Victory of the Daleks; Before Time of Angels)
  • NSA: The Forgotten Army (After Victory of the Daleks)
  • DWTV: Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone (Appearance of River)
  • DWTV: Vampires of Venice (Rory joins)
  • NSA: Nuclear Time (After Vampires of Venice)
  • NSA: The King's Dragon (After Vampires of Venice)
  • DWTV: Amy's Choice
  • NSA: The Glamour Chase (Reference to Amy's Choice)
  • DWTV: The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood (Exit Rory)
  • DWTV: Vincent and the Doctor
  • NSA: The Coming of the Terraphiles (Post-Rory)
  • DWTV: The Lodger (Introduces Craig)
  • DWTV: The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang (Rory rejoins; Appearance of River)

Series 6aEdit

  • NSA: Dead of Winter (Reference to Big Bang)
  • NSA: The Way Through the Woods (Reference to Big Bang)
  • DWTV: A Christmas Carol
  • NSA: Hunter's Moon
  • NSA: Touched by an Angel
  • NSA: Paradox Lost
  • NSA: Borrowed Time
  • NSA: The Silent Stars Go By
  • DWTV: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon (Appearance of River)
  • DWTV: Curse of the Black Spot
  • DWTV: The Doctors Wife
  • DWTV: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People
  • DWTV: A Good Man Goes to War (Appearance of River)

Series 6bEdit

  • DWTV: Let's Kill Hitler (Appearance of River)
  • DWTV: Night Terrors
  • DWTV: The Girl Who Waited
  • DWTV: God Complex (Exit Amy and Rory)
  • DWTV: Closing Time (Appearance of Craig)
  • DWTV: The Wedding of River Song (Appearance of Amy, River and Rory)

Series 7aEdit

  • NSA: Dark Horizons (Reference to Wedding of River Song
  • DWTV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (Appearance of Amy and Rory)
  • DWTV: Asylum of the Daleks (Amy and Rory rejoin)
  • DWTV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
  • DWTV: A Town called Mercy
  • DWTV: Thee Power of Three
  • DWTV: Angels take Manhattan (Exit Amy and Rory; Appearance of River)
  • NSA: Plague of the Cybermen (Recently after Angels)
  • NSA: The Dalek Generation (The Doctor decides to stop travelling - pre-Snowmen)

Series 7bEdit

  • DWTV: The Snowmen
  • DWTV: The Bells of Saint John (Clara joins)
  • DWTV: Rings of Akhaten
  • DWTV: Cold War
  • DWTV: Hide
  • DWTV: Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  • DWTV: The Crimson Horror
  • DWTV: Nightmare in Silver
  • NSA: Shroud of Sorrow (Pre-Name)
  • DWTV: Name of the Doctor (Appearance of River)
  • DWTV: Day of the Doctor
  • DWTV: Time of the Doctor

The Twelfth DoctorEdit

Series 8Edit

  • DWTV: Deep Breath
  • DWTV: Into the Dalek (Introduces Danny)
  • DWTV: Robot of Sherwood
  • DWTV: Listen
  • NSA: The Blood Cell (Clara seems to be dating Danny)
  • DWTV: Time Heist
  • DWTV: The Caretaker
  • NSA: Silhouette (referenced in The Caretaker)
  • DWTV: Kill the Moon
  • DWTV: Mummy on the Orient Express
  • DWTV: Flatline
  • DWTV: In the Forest of the Night
  • NSA: The Crawling Terror (Reference to Danny)
  • DWTV: Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Series 9Edit

  • DWTV: Last Christmas
  • NSA: Royal Blood
  • NSA: Big Bang Generation (Benny features)
  • NSA: Deep Time
  • DWTV: The Magicians Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar
  • DWTV: Under the Lake/Before the Flood
  • DWTV: The Girl who Died
  • DWTV: The Woman who Lived
  • DWTV: The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion
  • DWTV: Sleep No More
  • DWTV: Face the Raven
  • DWTV: Heaven Sent/Hell Bent

Series 10Edit

  • DWTV: The Husbands of River Song

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