Heart Skips Every Beat
Ninth Doctor

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Ninth Doctor






London, Earth, 2004

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The Trekk of the Zimon

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The Planet of Morbius

This is the second episode of series one in the Doctor Who Fan Story Wiki. It is the first episode to feature the Cybermen.


Part One - A New ThreatEdit

Christopher Bailey plugged in his C-Tech computer and started to download his new game Weapons of Fury. It was mint according to his friend Marty. His heart skipped a beat when the computer said it was going to hibernate but using his computer skills, and a handbook, he managed to sort it out. He finally was about to play it when he got an emergency email from work. Break-Out.

He headed for work but was stopped at a toll bridge, but when he saw truly who was starting towards him he began to worry. It was one of them. A metal hand smashed through the car window and grabbed his shoulder. He heard one final word before he died.


Title Sequence - Christopher Eccleston, Lucy Brown

Winnie sat in her new bedroom in the TARDIS, as she thought over her and the Doctor's previous adventure. He had taken her to see the movement of the Caristolan system, where they had been captured and almost killed by Sontarans. This event had shaken her. Now he was taking her home.