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Justice is Swift

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Ninth Doctor




The Unknown Specie, The Judoon


Lingdale,Earth. 2004

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The Planet of Morbius

In the house of 37, Skelton Way the TV screen was going. All of the screens in the local area are all doing the same, going blury and occasionaly showing an unknown language from another world. A local, who would be prefered to not be named, reckons someone called the 'Doctor' can help. This morning she stated, 'If you are out there Doctor, then we need your help. Please, it's kind of important.' Well whoever this doctor guy is I hope he is a Doctor of many Languages not just a Doctor with first aid training...

Title sequence

"Winifred, come look at this for a moment", shouted Miss' Stough from the lounge. "What now Mum, i'm buisy", screached Winifred. "Just look out of the..." "Care for some tea, honey," Mr stough walked in with a pot of tea and droped it smashing it on the floor gobsmacked at what he saw. "Oh my life", dear, where on earth are we? "Sweety, I don't think were on earth at all. "mum that's. That's imposible", whispered Winifred in amaze.

Everyone dashed outside to see where they were. They exited the house and realised that indeed they were in space, and only themselves and there house was in space, on a planet. Mr Stough quickly shot his hand into his pocket in reach for his mobile. He quickly loaded up google maps and indeed they were on an unknown planet. With a flash a screen filled the page and at first Mr stough thought it was a virus. But it was no virus, it was a message from some creature, but no human.

Beep Beep Beep, the message scrolled down for a minute or so before it dissapeared and flickered back onto the google maps webpage and turned off as the message had drained all of his battery power.