Red Eyed Beast is the second episode of the first series of Doctor Who - Ultimate Timeswitch. It is the first episode to feature a past Doctor, namely the third. It is the first episode to mention the ultimatum.


The humble priest hobbled across a moor in Scotland. He looked over and saw as the full moon came out into the dark sky. If legend was true he would need to hurry. He chuckled, but then became disconcerted as he heard a russle in the leaves behind him. He shivered and drew his coat around him. He began humming a tune. Then he heard it again. A rustling in the trees, in the leaves. He began to walk quicker, worried now. The legends, they couldn't be true. He saw a monk on a hillside, and walked towards him. He needed company, to stop him going mad. But the monk warned him back, and then looked over his shoulders. The rustling began again, but this time something more. A deep, husky breathing. The priest turned round, and before he died he saw one thing. A red eyed beast.

Title sequence - Christopher Eccleston, Noel Clarke

Mickey smiled as the Doctor told him another story about his adventure at Scotland, where everyone had forgotten what happened. The Doctor could not see how his stories were entertaining, but this was half becase he was concentrating on getting to the right place. The right time zone. 25th century Barcelona. The planet Barcelona that is, not the city. He continued with his story saying, "...And then Jo said,'why were we unconcious?' and I said' I don't know, I was unconscious!" The TARDIS arrived and Mickey had forgotten by the time he looked outside what his reaction would of been. He said,"This isn't Barcelona. This is Scotland"