Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor

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Episode (please use numbers) Writer(s) Companions Enemies
1. The Trekk of the Zimon Caged1 Winnie The Zimon
2. Heart Skips Every Beat Caged1 Winnie The Cybermen
3. The Planet of Morbius TenpiesWho Winnie Morbius, Solon
4. Shadows Dioptric Winnie The Blinded
5. The Slow Beat POMfannumber1 Winnie Beaters
6. The Dark Times Caged1 Winnie The Liberation
7.The End Of Space POMfannumber1 Winnie Time Bangers
8. The River of Stone (Part 1 of 2) Caged1 Winnie, Phil The Darkness

9. The Caged One (Part 2 of 2)

Caged1 Winnie, Phil The Darkness
10. The Dalek Project (Part 1 of 2) POMfannumber1 Winnie, Phil Daleks, Ogrons
11. The Good Daleks (Part 2 of 2) POMfannumber1 Winnie, Phil Daleks, Ogrons
12. Genesis of the Doctor (Part 1 of 5) TenpiesWho Winnie, Phil The Sontarans[[1]]
13. The Coldest Night (Part 2 of 5) Caged1 Winnie, Phil The Sontarans
14. Delete (Part 3 of 5) Caged1 Winnie, Phil The Cybermen [[2]]
15. Upgrade (Part 4 of 5) Caged1 Winnie

The Cybermen



The Doctor - Christopher Eccleston

Winifred Couln - Lucy Brown


Phil - Bradley James

Voice of the Cybermen/Zimon/The Darkness - Nicholas Briggs

Guest CastEdit

Becky - Lucy Brown

Don - Colin Morgan

Samantha - Ruth Kearney

Members of the Liberation - Mark Gatiss as Professor Nimmu, Peter Davison as SImon Von Bront, Roberta Tovey as Madame Electrix

Captain Delforte - Tom Baker

Miss R - Sophie Aldred

Unnamed Sergeant/The Caged One - Matt Smith

Igor - Johnny Depp

Felix - Orlando Bloom

Aparajita - Keira Knightley

The Fonts - Colin Baker as Calibri, Lalla Ward as Cambria


The Zimon




The Liberation

The Darkness

The Caged One

The Sontarans