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Series 1Edit

This story follows the Ninth Doctor as he meets and travels with new companion, Winnie Couln. They travel through time, whilst being followed by a deadly threat of a creature. This is resolved in Ep 8, and then they go off on adventures with new friend Phil Johnston. To submit a story write it on this wiki, then send it to Caged1 We only have a fifteen episode series, and I write 5 episodes so their are only twelve space(plus, some people may chose to write two parters)

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Series 2Edit

Series 2 follows the Ninth Doctor and Winnie on a new lot of adventures. Episode 1 concludes the huge climax and then ep 2 sets off a new adventure. The Doctor and Winnie must escape the Darkness as they chase the pair. Same rules as series 1 but Caged1 may write a few extra adventures...who knows?

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