The First Doctor

Full name:

Sir Omega




213 - 341



First Appearance

Instrument of Time

Last Appearance:

Tenth Planet

Portrayed by:

  • William Hartnell (1963-66)
  • Richard Hurndall (1983)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch (2012-14)

The First Doctor was the third known incarnation of the Time Lord known as Omega. Living on Gallifrey, there are still many records of appearances in different species.



The second regeneration of Omega had been told by death that the path his life was going in was about to change (DW:A Path Less Travelled?)

Both previous incarnations of Omega had met their future selves, unknowingly (DW:The Three Doctors, Arc of Infinity)

First WordsEdit

'Now, what was I saying before you shot me?'

The Doctor questions a Time Agent after he gets shot in the chest and regenerates. Then, the Doctor shoots the time agent.(DW:Instrument of Time)


On return to Gallifrey, Omega found he was bored of playing God and decided to help the less fortunate. It was during this time he acquired the name Doctor and re-met the Master and the Rani.They were a young married couple, but Koschei(The Master) was dying. His mind was filled with drum beats. The Doctor knew only one way to save him. He summoned death. The Master survived but he and his wife had to give their souls to Death and also, depart company (DW: Deals a Deal)