The timeline of the First Doctor from his birth/looming up until his death at the end of Tenth Planet.

Limiting FactorsEdit

Whether the TARDIS changes in different locations. His companions. Pre-TV show stories. Whether or not he has heard of certain aliens i.e. the Daleks.


Life on GallifreyEdit

  • OTV: Listen
    • The Doctor as a child, living in the Drylands, is comforted by his future companion Clara Oswald
  • VNA: Lungbarrow (Flashback)
    • A young Doctor is taught by Badger
  • PDA: Divided Loyalties (Flashback)
    • A young Doctor and his friend encounter the Toymaker. The Doctor is part of The Deca

Leaving Gallifrey - Alternate Accounts:Edit


  • VNA: Nightshade (Flashback); VNA: Lungbarrow (Flashback)
    • The Doctor is confronted by Glospin, who accuses him of being a loom jumper, and therefore the Doctor has to leave. The Doctor also meets Susan, who believes him to be her grandfather.


  • OTV: The Name of the Doctor
    • The Doctor and Susan flee Gallifrey

Travelling with SusanEdit

  • TN: Frayed
    • The Doctor and Susan get their names
  • VNA: All-Consuming Fire
    • The First Doctor and Susan meets Siger Holmes, father of Sherlock Holmes.

Season 1 - An Adventure in Space and TimeEdit

  • TN: Time and Relative
    • The Doctor and Susan are living on Earth
  • DWTV: An Unearthly Child
    • The Doctor and Susan leave Earth with Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton.
    • Parts of EDA: The Eight Doctors is set within An Unearthly Child
  • DWTV: The Daleks
    • Follows on
    • The Doctor meets the Daleks for the first time.
  • DWTV: Edge of Destruction
    • Follows on
  • DWTV: Marco Polo
    • Follows on
  • VMA: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    • Set just after Marco Polo
  • DWTV: The Keys of Marinus
    • Recently after Marco Polo - still wearing the same clothes.
  • DWTV: The Aztecs
  • DWTV: The Sensorites
  • DWTV: The Reign of Terror
    • Recently after the Sensorites
  • PDA: The Witch Hunters
    • Post-Reign of Terror
  • PDA: City at World's End
    • Post-Reign of Terror

Season 2 - Flight through EternityEdit

  • DWTV: Planet of Giants
  • PDA: The Time Travellers
    • Follows from Planet of Giants. Continues into Dalek Invasion of Earth
  • DWTV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth
    • Susan leaves the TARDIS
  • VMA: Venusian Lullaby
    • Set after The Dalek Invasion of Earth
  • DWTV: The Rescue
    • Vicki joins the TARDIS
  • DWTV: The Romans
    • Follows on
    • PDA: Byzantium!
      • Takes place between the opening sequence and the rest of DWTV: The Romans
  • DWTV: The Web Planet
    • Follows on
  • PDA: The Eleventh Tiger
  • DWTV: The Crusade
  • VMA: The Plotters
    • Reference to The Crusade
  • DWTV: Space Museum
    • Follows on
  • DWTV: The Chase
    • Ian and Barbara leave. Steven Taylor joins the crew of the TARDIS
  • DWTV: The Time Meddler
    • Follows on

Season 3 - TurbulenceEdit

  • OTV: The Three Doctors
    • Takes place during travels with Steven and Vicki
  • VMA: The Empire of Glass
    • Straight after The Three Doctors
  • DWTV: Galaxy 4
  • DWTV: The Myth Makers
    • Follows on
    • Katarina joins. Vicki departs
  • DWTV: The Daleks' Master Plan
    • Follows on
    • Katarina leaves. Sara Kingdom joins and leaves.
  • OTV: The Five Doctors
    • Set just after The Daleks' Master Plan
  • DWTV: The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve
    • Dodo joins the TARDIS crew
  • PDA: Salvation
    • Set between The Massacre and The Ark
  • DWTV: The Ark
  • DWTV: The Celestial Toymaker
    • Follows on
  • DWTV: The Gunfighters
    • Follows on
  • PDA: Bunker Soldiers
  • DWTV: The Savages
    • Steven leaves the TARDIS
  • VMA: The Man in the Velvet Mask
  • DWTV: The War Machines
    • Dodo leaves. Ben and Polly join

Season 4 - Wearing a Bit ThinEdit

  • DWTV: The Smugglers
    • Follows on from DWTV: The War Machines
  • PDA: Ten Little Aliens
    • Set between The Smugglers and The Tenth Planet
  • DWTV: The Tenth Planet
    • The First Doctor regenerates